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DEMDACO is an artist-driven brand, which means that we partner with creative, passionate people who express themselves through a wide-range of styles and mediums. We work with more than 100 artists and designers — each gifted in their own, imaginative way. This is nothing new for DEMDACO. We’ve developed lasting and meaningful relationships with artists that span years — some dating back to when the company was founded more than 20 years ago — and we continue to discover new talent.

We’re also proud that our artisan gifts are 100% handcrafted by skilled hands overseas, in factories run by carefully selected manufacturing partners. Paying extra close attention to details, these masterful craftspeople take great care in bringing an artists’ visions to life — from each hand sewn thread on a Giving Bear’s nose to the tiniest paint stroke on a Willow Tree® figure. Our thoughtfully designed, specially crafted products focus on life’s extraordinary — and everyday — moments. Learn more about the artists whose visions and expressions make the items here so unique.