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Winter Shows & Virtual Showroom

Enhancing well-being is at the heart of all we do at DEMDACO and comes to life in every product we make, and service we strive to provide. We look forward to all the goodness that you and your shoppers can anticipate as we pursue well-being … together.

DALLAS Showroom

JANUARY 9 - JANUARY 16, 2024

Dallas Market Center
2100 N. Stemmons Freeway
#1418 Trade Mart
Dallas, TX 75207

ATLANTA Showroom

JANUARY 16 - JANUARY 22, 2024

235 Williams Street NW
#685 6th Floor, Building 2
Atlanta, GA 30303

Santa's Elves

We know we're pretty good at designing and creating holiday products, humbly speaking of course. But let's just say: this time - we really outdid ourselves, and you're going to want to sneak a peek! We won't tell Santa.

Hearth of the Matter

Home is where we welcome those we love, relax when we need a respite and laugh so hard we cry. So why would we put anything in our home that's less than meaningful and beautiful? Crafted with love, these home goods help tell their life's stories with elegance and thought.

Grow Slow

The days are long, but the years go by so fast - blink and they're all grown up. Help slow down time just a wee bit with stories, new traditions and more that'll have everyone saying 'remember when ...' because together time moments are what childhood memories are made of!

In the Details

The most impactful details are the ones that are almost so intimate they're unknown. It's a gold charm bracelet that houses a special photo; it's a necklace that has a simple phrase to remind you of something valuable - it's the details that help us make our life unique. So why not dress up our days intentionally?

Where We Goin'

World traveller, countrywide adventurer or 'I like where I am' - no matter where they've been or where they want to go (or stay), playful products will help them celebrate the beauty and wonder of this wide world we're living in.