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Authorized Willow Tree® Dealership Policy

In order to purchase the Willow Tree® line, a retailer must be approved as an Authorized Willow Tree® Dealer. This is done by meeting with a local DEMDACO Territory Manager. Once approved, the Territory Manager sends in the opening order and facilitates setting up the account.

We do not fulfill orders for sales of our products on third-party seller websites. This is part of our internal, unilateral effort to provide support for our independent brick and mortar retailers and preserves the integrity of the Willow Tree® brand. Third-party e-commerce websites are those that offer products from multiple sellers. Examples include Amazon, ebay, and Websites owned and operated by a single retailer are not considered third party and would not be restricted by this policy, but you must receive explicit written permission* from DEMDACO to sell Willow Tree® products on your own retail website.

Request to Sell Willow Tree® Online

You must receive explicit written permission from DEMDACO to sell Willow Tree® products on your own retail website.

If you are selling on the internet without permission, future shipments will be jeopardized. We will only ship orders intended for sale to retailers with verified brick-and-mortar retail locations. If you need assistance, email

DEMDACO does not, and never will, seek any agreement from an Authorized Willow Tree® Dealer that sets minimum resale prices. In accordance with applicable legal rules, we do advise Authorized Willow Tree® Dealers that in accordance with our internal, unilateral policy, DEMDACO does not deal with Dealers that sell the Willow Tree® line at retail prices below the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). DEMDACO, from time to time, may exercise its independent business judgment to revise its Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy, as posted on our DEMDACO Retailers website (subject to revision in our business judgment), including but not limited to revisions in one or more products or product lines for specific promotional periods, addressing seasonal changes in product demand, excess inventory issues, or other marketing considerations. In many situations, Demdaco may reflect other approaches appropriate to specific products and market factors such as those described above. DEMDACO’s day-to-day MAP may be revised by DEMDACO to reflect other marketing strategies consistent with our overall strategy. Where retailers decide to market our Willow Tree® line in a manner that is inconsistent with our retail policy, we may exercise our right not to make further sales to that account. When such decisions are made, they are not subject to any negotiation or modification. Please note that no one from the DEMDACO sales division is authorized to discuss or comment on any aspect of this policy or any decision made in connection with this policy.

Additionally, DEMDACO is concerned about instances where Dealers who market Willow Tree® also merchandise confusingly similar goods in very close proximity to Willow Tree® and “free ride” off of the immense popularity and consumer awareness of the Willow Tree® brand. Dealers are entitled to carry other merchandise; however, where retailers decide to market confusingly similar merchandise in close proximity to Willow Tree®, we may exercise our right not to make further sales to that account. When such decisions are made, we will advise you. If there are matters requiring further discussion, they should be addressed to us at DEMDACO in writing. Please note that no one from the DEMDACO sales division is authorized to discuss or comment on any aspect of this policy or any decision made in connection with this policy.

Willow Tree® Graphic Standards for DEMDACO Authorized Retailers

As an authorized retailer with DEMDACO, you are required to apply Willow Tree® brand graphic standards to your retail advertising and marketing materials in both print and electronic media.

By adhering to these standards, you protect and strengthen the Willow Tree brand identity, and provide consumers with assurance that their purchase is an authentic Willow Tree product.

  1. Willow Tree® brand and logos
    1. Willow Tree trademarks, logo and copyrights are the intellectual property of Susan Lordi, the artist and creator of the line. Willow Tree is registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and products, images and logo are protected by US and International copyright and trademark laws.
    2. The Willow Tree logo consists of the graphic image of a willow tree with the words Willow Tree® across it and the signature of Susan Lordi below it. This is the official logo—it is the only one that should be used by retailers in their marketing activities.
    3. Maintain the logo in its original form. Please do not modify the logo to create a hybrid design that incorporates other images or words such as your store logo. Do not separate the components or alter the size relationship.
    4. The logo is ideally printed in black or a dark brown color. Do not reverse the logo to white or print in alternate colors.
    5. The words Willow Tree® can appear in any font when written in a text paragraph or to identify an image. The font used in the logo is a customized Papyrus. Do not create some other type of font identity for the brand if you are promoting the entire line of products.
  2. Authorized Use of Willow Tree® logos and image
    1. As part of our Authorized Willow Tree® Dealership Policy, only DEMDACO, DEMDACO Territory Managers, Licensed International Distributors, or Retail Dealers may use the Willow Tree trademarks, images or logo on or in connection with web sites, products, packaging, manuals, and promotional/advertising materials when they are promoting the sale of Willow Tree brand product, if used in accordance with these Willow Tree® graphic standards.
    2. As outlined in the Authorized Willow Tree® Dealership Policy, it is in violation for retailers to use the words ‘Willow Tree’ as your retail domain name, or as part of your retail domain name (as two words, one word or in any form). Do not include the brand name as part of your logo, newsletter masthead, email masthead, retail store name or online site. (For example:,, Country Accent’s Willow Tree Gift Store.)
    3. Online sellers must display a prominent disclaimer on their website, stating: “Willow Tree® is a registered trademark of Susan Lordi. Willow Tree® products in the United States are distributed exclusively by DEMDACO. Other than in its capacity as an independent authorized reseller, neither (the owner of this website) nor their website is affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by Susan Lordi or DEMDACO.”
    4. Any copyright notice displayed on a reseller’s website that refers to copyright ownership of the website (as opposed to copyright ownership of Willow Tree® products) must be in the name of the owner of the website and may not include the term “willow tree.” For example, if ABC Company operates a website on which authorized Willow Tree® products are sold, the copyright notice for the website (not Willow Tree® products) should read: “©2013 ABC Company.”
    5. An online seller may not present its website nor use its internet marketing efforts in a manner that would cause the viewer to believe that the website is associated with or endorsed by Willow Tree® or DEMDACO in any capacity other than as an authorized reseller of Willow Tree® products.
  3. Unauthorized Use of Willow Tree® logo and images (by consumers or organizations)
    1. Do not put Willow Tree images on materials not associated with the sale of the product, such as book covers, fliers, brochures, and business cards. Do not incorporate Willow Tree logo or images into other business logos, website design, or other artwork.
    2. Any requests to use Willow Tree images or logo by private individuals or organizations must be reviewed and approved by Susan Lordi, owner of Willow Tree trademark and copyrights, or Karen Lordi, her authorized agent.
  4. Correct Identification of Product Images
    1. Whenever a Willow Tree product image is used for brand promotion, it should be identified with the Willow Tree® logo or the words Willow Tree® in the descriptive text or headline copy. This pertains to brochures, catalog pages, product sheets, websites, advertisements, and emails.
    2. Willow Tree should not be used in possessive form. It is correct to say Willow Tree® figures. It is correct to say Willow Tree® figurative sculptures.
    3. There is no word “the” in the product name. It is not correct to say The Willow Tree® Figures and Angels. It is correct to say Willow Tree® figures and angels.
    4. Do not shorten or abbreviate Willow Tree product names. For example, Angel of the Spirit, not Spirit Angel. Angel of the Kitchen, not Kitchen Angel.
  5. Use of Trademark Symbol (®)
    1. Willow Tree® is registered by the United States Patent & Trademark Office by artist Susan Lordi.
    2. Whenever the logo or words “Willow Tree” are used (regardless of typestyle), they should be accompanied by ®. The words Willow Tree are typically written with upper- and lower-case letters.
    3. The symbol is placed immediately after the words Willow Tree, either in superscript or in line with the words. If you don't have the appropriate symbol keys in your word processing software, then you may use the symbol in parenthetical form [i.e., (R)].
    4. The ® should always be used in a headline. If the words Willow Tree are used repeatedly in a paragraph about the product (as in an article or interview), the ® should be used on the first reference on the page. It is not needed on subsequent references in the text or body copy.
  6. Accurate Brand Description
    1. The original of each Willow Tree product is created by Susan Lordi, and licensed to DEMDACO for manufacture, distribution, and marketing. When referencing the Willow Tree brand, it is important to reflect this relationship in your description.
    2. Willow Tree® sculptures are by Susan Lordi, and from DEMDACO.
    3. DEMDACO is always spelled in all capital letters.
    4. The brand can be described correctly in many ways, as follows:
      1. Willow Tree® sculptures by Susan Lordi.
      2. Artist Susan Lordi’s Willow Tree® original sculptures are carved by hand, then cast in resin and individually painted.
      3. Each Willow Tree® piece is cast from artist Susan Lordi’s original carving and then painted by hand.
      4. Susan Lordi’s Willow Tree® sculptures from DEMDACO.
      5. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each piece, capturing expression and emotion in each gesture.
      6. A gift of Willow Tree® communicates beyond words.

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines. Consistent graphics will help strengthen the Willow Tree brand, improve customer recognition, and ultimately, increase sales.


If you have any questions regarding Willow Tree® Graphic Standards, we would be happy to answer them. Please contact:

Attention: Sales & Marketing
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Phone: 913.402.6800
Toll-free: 888.336.3226
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