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Willow Tree Baby

This section highlights parent/child figures that are most likely to be New Baby Gifts or Baby Shower Gifts, such as Home, Cherish, Sanctuary, For Always, New Dad, New Life.

Willow Tree hand carved figures displayed on a store shelf with a sign that says BABY

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  • Front view of embracing male and pregnant female couple figures, female in cream dress, male in cream shirt and blue jeans



  • Front view of brunette woman figurine in white dress holding swaddled baby



  • Front-right view of female figure in cream dress, seated on rock, holding newborn baby wrapped in blanket



  • Left view of female figure in white dress sitting on taupe pedestal holding an infant, also wearing white, to her chest


    For Always

  • Right view of male figure in dark clothes, seated on gray rock, holding newborn infant on his lap


    New Dad

  • Left view of figure sitting in large rocking chair holding toddler figure to chest, both figures covered with large blue quilt


    The Quilt

  • Front view of male and female figures standing next to each other holding baby in between them


    Our Gift

  • Front view of seated male and female couple figure, male cross-legged holding newborn baby, female leaning over his shoulder


    New Life

  • Front view of female in cream dress, with medium-length brown hair, holding pregnant belly with hands