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New Parents

So loved, so very loved. Hand carved figurine of a mother holding a new baby.

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  • Front view of brunette woman figurine in white dress holding swaddled baby



  • Front-right view of female figure in cream dress, seated on rock, holding newborn baby wrapped in blanket



  • Front view, standing female figure in cream dress, holding gold wire circle in which is written 'love you'


    Love you

  • Left view of female figure in white dress sitting on taupe pedestal holding an infant, also wearing white, to her chest


    For Always

  • Right view of male figure in dark clothes, seated on gray rock, holding newborn infant on his lap


    New Dad

  • Front view of male and female figures standing next to each other holding baby in between them


    Our Gift

  • Two seated baby figures, both in cream onesies, one with hands up to mouth, one with hands in lap


    Two Together

  • Front view of seated male and female couple figure, male cross-legged holding newborn baby, female leaning over his shoulder


    New Life