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Willow Tree®

Willow Tree® by Susan Lordi is a timeless brand of figurative sculpture. Each piece is originally crafted by Lordi herself. Their simplicity of form, elegant gestures and innovative surface design beautifully express universal themes of love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… all the emotions of a life well lived.

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Willow Tree® In-Store Display

Merchandising plays a key role in Willow Tree® sell-through. Help customers navigate your product display with useful tools designed to enhance your store display and attract your customer base.

Willow Tree® Key Occasions

The Year of Weddings!

Willow Tree celebrates with couples who have delayed their happy events until this year! A figural sculpture with romantic gesture, functional wall and home décor items, and gifts that start a new couple's holiday tradition are a beautiful way to acknowledge love.

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And Baby makes Three (or 4 or 5...)

It's all about the connection, the caring, the giving, the love. For many children, moms are the heart of the family, and Mother's Day is a time to say how much they're appreciated.

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Best-Selling Willow Tree®

Willow Tree Angel Figurines are are timeless, with comforting gestures of healing and remembrance. These have always been, and continue to be, top-selling pieces in the line.

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A gift of Willow Tree® communicates beyond words…


Gifts of Love

This has certainly been a year-long season of love, as couples re-ignite delayed planning and throw joyful wedding events with family and friends! Willow Tree celebrates with all these young people, eager to start life and love together… Here’s a description of the romantic love couples that Willow Tree currently offers:


  • Seated figurine of a young couple, with “eyes” only for each other. There are three touchpoints between them, their foreheads, palms and hands… they sizzle with romantic chemistry. Piece is titled Around You, and is available as a Figure, a Cake Topper and a Musical.
  •  Seated figurine of an older couple, with the easy presence of two who have been through all the ups and downs of life together; comfortable with each other, supported by each other. This piece is titled Anniversary and it makes a lovely, welcome 50th commemorative gift.
  •  A perennial favorite: Promise has been a top-performing figurine since the early days of Willow Tree and its significance has not diminished over the years. Carved in the round; every way that it’s viewed reveals a different angle on the couple… are they kissing? Dancing? There’s an appealing mystery to this piece that makes it a top choice for brides wanting it as a Cake Topper, or a welcome engagement, wedding or Valentine’s Day gift of romantic love.
  •  Together is an iconic Willow Tree love piece. Two people, supporting each other, stand in an embrace of love. Thousands have customers have written to Willow Tree to describe this piece as “them”. Who are we to disagree?

For Proposals, Showers, Wedding, and Anniversary events, for Valentine’s, Birthdays, or to accompany a surprise profession of love, any of these romantic pieces “communicate beyond words.”

Thanks and Appreciation

Has there ever been a time when gratitude and appreciation has been more needed in our society? The simple act of saying “Thank You”—of treasuring those around us who are present in our lives—feels SO good to say and do. And showing gratitude to others often feels as good to the giver as it does to the receiver… small gifts of appreciation remain as daily reminders of supportive friendship and the appreciation of others.

The theme of gratitude is seen in many Willow Tree figurines and angels. You can set up an outpost display with this sentiment, particularly with figures holding animals or flowers or other elements of nature.

  • Bloom, Simple Joys, Gratitude, Forget-me-not, Angel of Friendship and With affection profess a joy of friendship and companionship.
  • Thank You, something special, Little Things, Magnolia, For You, and With Gratitude specifically acknowledge something wonderful that is much appreciated.
  • Abundance, Surrounded by Love, Warm Embrace speak to timeless love between giver and receiver.
  • Happiness, Angel of Freedom, Soar, Good Cheer, Blessings, and Surprise send best wishes to someone about to take on a new adventure…

Customers select pieces that are most personal to them, but the sentiments of friendship, appreciation, love and best wishes can be felt throughout the entire Willow Tree collection.

Healing and Remembrance

Your customers turn to Willow Tree when they are looking for something that communicates what is often difficult to articulate. When a friend has lost a loved one, or a much-loved family member dies; when a friend has lost a beloved pet, or someone with a difficult diagnosis is undergoing treatment... All these circumstances and so many more are times when it’s difficult to put thoughts into words. 

Encouragement, support, bereavement, sympathy are themes present in many figurines and angels – it’s what initially began the Willow Tree brand. Angel of Healing, a small angel protecting a baby bird, was the first piece that Susan Lordi sculpted, and it has defined the brand as one of hope, healing, comfort and remembrance.

Since those early days, Susan’s distinctive style of sculpting has evolved, and figures of hope and healing span many sizes and appearances.

  • Remembrance – a best seller since introduced in 2010. And we will introduce the same piece with darker skin and hair color in 2023. This top-performing angel is the iconic piece that serves as a reminder of those we love who are no longer with us. The dress of the figure is carved with symbols of memories that appeal to our senses… touch, scent, taste, sound, sight. These are the reminders that we hold close to our heart when we lose someone we love.
  • Vigil is one of the tallest figurines in the Willow Tree line. 10” tall, with an ombre of gold paint and gold dots on her skirt, this figure holds a candle, protecting its flame. With watchful devotion, Vigil is a symbol of hope and healing.
  • Tapestry, by contrast, is one of the smaller pieces that express healing and remembrance. Encrusted in gold leaf and heavily embellished with symbols of nature, this small petite piece is a reminder of all the stories and shared experiences that connect us to those we love.
  • Angel of Prayer, a tree, a prayer, Angel of the Spirit, Prayer of Peace are all different ways of saying, “you are in my prayers”. These angels and figures have prayerful, contemplative postures—several are carved with symbols of nature—as peaceful reminders of healing.

Planning your Willow Tree Nativity Set Displays

There are four Willow Tree Nativity Sets that your customers can choose among. Here’s a description of each:

  1. The classic Willow Tree Nativity has been the top-selling product since its introduction in 2000. It’s a wonderful gift to newlyweds just starting out, creating their own holiday traditions, or as a foundation Birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day gift for a collection that’s sure to grow with additional pieces over the years. Classic Nativity figures are approx. 8-9” tall, and animals are proportionately sized.

Nativity figures and animals include the 6-piece set, Nativity, The Three Wisemen, Shepherd and Stable Animals, Ox and Goat, Little Shepherdess, Zampognaro, Peace on Earth and the elevated angels, Song of Joy and Dance of Life. Accessory pieces are the popular Crèche, Metal Star Backdrop, Cypress Trees and the Angel Stand.


Creative Nativity Outposts lead to Incremental Sales

When creating an outpost Nativity Display, think beyond traditional figures listed above. Add figures and angels from carry-over inventory to supplement your display, and in so doing, create ideas for shopping customers. Retailers who merchandise in this way typically see incremental sales due to their creative displays.

What pieces can you add?

Think about groupings of pieces, and their relationship to the nativity story:

  • Include those with gestures of Adoration and Welcome. Pieces such as Everyday Blessings and Wishing.
  • Angels with Prayful Postures are a strong addition to the Nativity, either in front of Mary and Joseph, atop the Creche, or atop the Angel Stand. Pieces such as Angel of the Spirit, a tree, a prayer, Prayer of Peace and Angel of Prayer.
  • Many figures and angels Offer Gifts to the Holy Family… gifts of love (heart), flowers, hope (butterflies) and light (stars). Pieces such as Thank You, Simple Joys, With Love, Bright Star and Angel of Hope are just a few that work well in the Nativity display.
  • And lastly, Musical Elements always have a place in the Nativity. The Zampognaro carries a bagpipe, the traditional instrument of shepherds in the field. Angel of Harmony plays a flute, and the newest sculpture from Susan Lordi, Music Speaks, is extensively carved with symbols of music and dance.

Have fun with your display and see where creativity leads you… to increased sales and satisfied customers!

  1. The smallest Willow Tree Nativity Set is The Holy Family. This collection consists of three SKUs, and they are sized proportionally. The single figure of Mary and Joseph titled The Holy Family is 7.5”h. The tallest of the set of four animals, Sheltering Animals for The Holy Family is just 3” tall. The lacy pierced-metal backdrop, titled Shelter for The Holy Family is 9.5”h and creates an intimate grouping, ideal for smaller homes and display spaces. If a customer is looking for a complete set that makes a big impact, The Holy Family Nativity is beautiful in its simplicity.
  2. The largest Willow Tree Nativity Set is The Christmas Story. Significant in its larger scale and richly layered colors, the two-piece set of figures stand 14.5” tall on the base of The Sanctuary, the three-piece wood backdrop which soars to 24”tall. What a majestic presence! The set of Mary and Joseph are ideally positioned facing each other, with Joseph’s protective embrace about Mary and Jesus. The three animals, Gentle Animals of the Stable are larger, proportional to the larger figures. The sheep and donkey are beautifully carved with great detail and expression, surrounding the figures with a watchful gaze. 
  3. The most unique Willow Tree Nativity is titled Starry Night Nativity and it is Susan Lordi’s artistic masterwork. This is an entire display contained within the doors of a carved resin box, which open to reveal a triptych of nativity scenes. The center scene, carved in bas relief and painted in an ombre of deep blue dotted with gold, is the Holy Family and surrounding animals. The left panel is shepherds in the field, playing their instruments. The right panel are gold iconic symbols of the gifts of the Maji and gold star. The effect is breath-taking. This exceptional Nativity is an excellent wedding gift for young couples just starting out. Detailed carvings on the front of the doors reflect themes of nature, cycle of life, renewal and rebirth that influence everything Susan Lordi creates. Starry Night Nativity can be displayed year-round, on a tabletop or hung on a wall.