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Willow Tree®

Willow Tree® by Susan Lordi is a timeless brand of figurative sculpture. Each piece is originally crafted by Lordi herself. Their simplicity of form, elegant gestures and innovative surface design beautifully express universal themes of love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… all the emotions of a life well lived.

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Willow Tree® Key Occasions

The Year of Weddings!

Willow Tree celebrates with couples who have delayed their happy events until this year! A figural sculpture with romantic gesture, functional wall and home décor items, and gifts that start a new couple's holiday tradition are a beautiful way to acknowledge love.

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And Baby makes Three (or 4 or 5...)

It's all about the connection, the caring, the giving, the love. For many children, moms are the heart of the family, and Mother's Day is a time to say how much they're appreciated.

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Best-Selling Willow Tree®

Willow Tree Angel Figurines are are timeless, with comforting gestures of healing and remembrance. These have always been, and continue to be, top-selling pieces in the line.

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A gift of Willow Tree®

The season to show LOVE is evergreen, but seems to turn bright red around February. A gesture of love is present in most Willow Tree figurines and angels, ranging from sweet affection to romantic, endless love. Some of the top-performing sculptures for Valentine's Day are:

  • Around You: Susan looks to ballet and the art of dance for many of her sculptures, and especially this one. The romantic couple is locked in an embrace, but only touching at three points, their foreheads, palms and hands. It's a very magnetic posture and speaks to the chemistry of new love, so intoxicating and rare to find. As excellent a Valentine's Day gift as a Wedding or Anniversary gift.
  • Je t'aime: This elegant figure embracing a red, red heart is an iconic gesture of love. Her garment with ruffled neckline and long extended sleeves is extensively carved with hearts, birds, plants and pomegranates. Her sentiment of "In any language, it's you I love" transcends the universal gesture and symbolism. A beautiful Valentine's Day gift to someone very loved.
  • Lots of Love: Holding sparkly concentric wire hearts, this small piece is a sweet and affectionate nod to the occasion, and can be gifted to friends or children as a way to say "I love you lots" everyday.

Family Figures

Willow Tree family figurines can be wonderful Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparents Day gifts with their depiction of loving embraces, close bonds and generational relationships.

  • Little One: This sculpture of father and child is very dear, and can be a Mother's Day gift as well as a Father's Day gift for parents of a playful toddler, either girl or boy.
  • For Always: The carving of this masterful sculpture shows how artist Susan Lordi has evolved her style over the many years that Willow Tree has been a top-performing brand. This depiction of mother and child is smooth, with a patina of soft marble (although it is carved of resin like all Willow Tree). The loving embrace of mother to child and child to mother is a familiar posture and gesture to most mothers, and evokes strong emotions. It can be an excellent new baby gift, Mother's Day gift, or a loving reminder of a child who has passed away too soon.
  • With my Grandmother: Telling stories is a grandparents' privilege, and listening at their side is a grandchild's opportunity to learn their own history and family lore. This piece depicts just that generational experience.

NEW Willow Tree Figures

Artist Susan Lordi introduces new pieces for 2022 which reflect current requests in the line.

  • Cozy: A long-requested mother with two daughters sculpture, this figurine shows a mother or adult figure with her arms around two children, under the protective cover of a blanket. Or are they playing under the bed covers, delaying bedtime... or making a fort in the dining room under the chair legs? This piece has a playful tone that will evoke memories of being present with one's children, on their time, in their space.
  • Courageous Joy: The exuberant posture of this highly carved figure shouts Courage, Congratulations, Healing, and Strength against Adversity. Susan heavily carved patterns on the dress of this figure so that her darker skin shows through the entire garment. It is a piece that celebrates heritage and individual achievement.
  • Little Things: A gift of thanks and appreciation, this figurine offers a milkweed plant, which is the host plant for monarch butterflies. Healing nature is a good way to heal ourselves as well. This piece speaks to the idea that a small thing can make a big difference.