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Dear You

Have you ever received a note, a handwritten sentiment from someone who means the world to you? We bet you treasure that piece of paper like it’s worth a million dollars. The fact your loved one took time out of their busy day and wrote specific, carefully chosen words just for you undoubtedly made your heart sing. Take that feeling- the feeling of knowing you’re loved, seen and encouraged just as you are. We did; we took that emotion and made our Dear You Collection. This collection values expressions conveyed through the art of letter writing. Each artisan item creates an unexpected gifting experience capturing the meticulous effort, anticipation and delight of sending and receiving a thoughtful note. Such items as our Darling Blanket, which depicts a tender note to a child from their mother; heart-shaped ornaments with detailed lettering for anyone who deserves a kind memo; mugs illustrated with old-fashioned fonts; wall art, treasure keepers, pillows, even wearable notes such as scarves and more. Letters that fit perfectly and proudly into all aspects of life, reminding your loved ones just how genuinely loved they are.

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