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Here to Hug

Share a Warm Embrace.

For reassurance that eases separation, these bears welcome hugs from those missing a loved one. Their stand-in cuddles supply support in return and help fill an empty space in the heart.

The absence of a loved one through loss or distance is a difficult challenge, especially for little ones. We all face seasons of grief, and healing takes extra care. Made for consoling squeezes, Here to Hug bears snuggle back and lovingly display meaningful photos. They even hold paper for writing an encouraging note. When feeling alone, just embrace one of these bears, and comfort is sure to follow.

To honor the most significant bonds, each bear holds distinct meaning. The military bear specifically aids children of service members who are away. The grandma bear speaks to the important connections we have with our grandmothers — adults and children alike. And our classic bear shares warmth for any sadness felt when apart from or mourning someone we love. Whatever the relationship, they offer heartfelt expressions from those missed.

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