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LOVED Collection

Sometimes love starts with a sketch and a swatch of fabric — an idea sparked in the mind of a child at heart. Kate Dittmann says she has the most fun job in the world — she gets to play with toys all day! But Kate does more than just play with them, she designs them. Pencil glides on paper as the sweetest idea is born. Carefully choosing stuffing and thread, tuffs of plush and hand-sewn stitches, she brings her characters to life. These are special gifts for baby and meaningful gifts for new parents.

Meet LOVED Bear, one of Kate’s latest creations. This Bear was made a bit raggedy. Different piles of our softest fabrics give LOVED Bear a worn look. An attached message says this Bear is looking for a forever friend. And because it feels good to be needed, a child builds confidence caring for their Bear. Among floppy hugs, finger paint splatters and smears of spaghetti sauce, LOVED Bear only gets more lovable. The doting child learns lessons in kindness and acceptance for the beautiful messy things in life. In fact, we think we could all use a reminder that we are loved for who we are — practicing kindness for ourselves and others. LOVED Bear’s forever love is for anyone who needs it. And as Kate’s artistic spirit reminds, there’s a child living in all of us.

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