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Fall Sunflower Door Hanger

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Fall Sunflower Door Hanger

The beautiful Fall Sunflower Door Hanger is the perfect statement-making piece to add to any entryway this season. This stylish door hanger is designed with a vintage-inspired aesthetic and textured detailing. This piece features a playful bright yellow sunflower design with a polka dotted and striped patterned vase. Crafted by artist Peri Woltjer, this piece is included in a lineup of hand-painted home goods and décor that feature whimsical patterns and colors, along with 3-dimensional manipulations to brighten the home. This festive Fall Sunflower Door Hanger will make for a wonderful present for any friends, family or neighbors.
Created by Peri Woltjer
The Details
  • Size: 23"w x 31"h
  • Inner Pack Size: 1"H x33"W x24"D
  • Master Carton Size: 33.5"H x11.2"W x24.5"D
  • Materials: aluminum screen
  • Seasonality: FALL
  • Copyright: © 2020 Peri Woltjer for DEMDACO
  • UPC: 638713567796
The Artist

Peri Woltjer

Artist Peri Woltjer says her art studio is “a world where stars dance, fish fly, broken hearts are repaired and your wildest wishes and dreams come true!” This world bursts into life from her whimsically brilliant imagination. With a degree in te

xtile and surface design, Peri has always envisioned the fanciful. Her creative eye sees beyond the traditional, like when discovering the perfect medium for expressing her visions. While passing through a screened door, an idea sparked and flooded P

eri’s mind with artistic possibilities. She began exploring ways to manipulate aluminum screens like fabric. She then experimented with bright and playful designs painting layers of screens to create objects through the use of patterns and dimensio

n. Peri knew she was on to something! With demand for her work quickly growing, she enlisted her loving, retired parents to help with traveling to shows and transporting her pieces. Over a decade later, Peri continues to produce new art in her studio

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